avana LLC

Universeum AR project

Increase learing in museums with augmented reality

How could the use of augmented reality be used in a museum to increase the learning aspect of the visit. This project investigates how augmented reality could look like if it would be used in a science museum with animals. The prototypes are developed for a rainforest exhibition with animals running free around the visitor. The research find different types use for augmented reality and develops high en prototypes that is tested in the exhibition. The prototypes, I developed three different prototype for this project. One that is based inside the exhibition with image targets hanging in different places, one brochure inspired prototype where the visitors get a handbook with information about the animals and images triggers augmented reality models. And the last one a more interactive where the visitor is in control of the model.

After presenting the prototypes for the stakeholders they wanted to further developed the first one that was based on image targets hanging inside the exhibition. The stakholder also asked after a feature where the visitor could use the app outside of the museum. I tested the prototype inside the exhibition and got both positive and negative response. The negative response I got was that the text was hard to read due to the transparent background and the positive response was that the technology and the idea of the prototype was really impressive. Almost everyone was positive to the idea of downloading an app if there was an available.

The iteration on the prototype begun with developing two different sections of the app, one that was meant to be inside the exhibition and one that was supposed to be used after the visit. The transparent text was fixed by placing the text on a wooden sign that is on the branch that the model stands on. In this prototype I have focused more on that the user should be able to find a more specific description of the bird as easy as possible.

User tests are ongoing and one more iteration of the protoype will be developed before the final version of the project in the end of April.