avana LLC

Red Cross Phone installation

I got to make a project as intern at YOKE for the Red Cross HQ in Copenhagen. The exhibition at Red Cross contain of 6 different rooms with different simulations of different situations such as a prison, wars zone, refugee camp, medic in war, car crash and domestic violence.
We got commissioned to create an interactive phone installation for the domestic violence part and to make a sound trigger for all the other rooms.

Phone installation
The phone installation was 6 phones that should play a conversation when you picked it up. The look of the phone needed to be retro.
The first problem we needed to solve was that we needed to have something to hang the phones at so the visitor could easily pick it up and trigger a sound when it gets picked up. This is the design that we ended up using.

The top of the holder works like a wiggle board, the button is pushed down when the phone is on the wall and the button is released when someone picks the phone up as seen in the picture.
To trigger a sound a signal we used the Adafruit FX sound board witch triggers a sound when it gets a ground signal, fits perfect in this project. This is the circuit and the wiring of the phone with the sound board, amplifier and powersupply.

Soundscape Triggers
As part of the rest of the exhibition the other rooms needed a trigger for a soundscape to start playing when a visitor walked in the exhibition.
This was solved with a PIR sensor and the Adafruit FX sound board. The sound board plays a sound when it gets a ground signal. So I had to invert the signal from the PIR sensor so it gave a ground signal when trigger. You can see the wiring in the schematics below.

Technical design & building