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Fingerspelet is a sensor based counting game for children. The player answers mathematical questions with their own fingers. This project was a part of a embodied learning course at Malmö University.


In the research phase of this project we found that counting on fingers helps you learn basic mathematics. I remember my teacher not encouraging me to count on my fingers and I have always been doing it under the table on the sly. So we thought we wanted to create a game that encourages this type of learning.

To create a game where the player is able to answer questions with their fingers we had to use some kind of sensor. We ended up using the Microsoft Kinect sensor in this project. A finger counting library was found but it worked really poorly so we had to customize it. A low pass filter was implemented and the sensor was programmed to only read at a specific depth (see picture)

The questions was made with representations instead of numbers. To use just numbers would not be that funny or appealing for a child. The questions was more of counting cars and apples type of questions.

In this project I had the technical/graphical role. I programmed some of the functionality for the game and the sensor while aslso designing some of the levels