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Backyard Sessions

Backyard Sessions is a two day techno festival in central Malmö Sweden with international artists. I did a 5h live set with 3D mapping by the main stage.

I got hired to make something cool at the festival area. I had no restrictions of what i could do so I got in to the field of project mapping. I'm started out wiht learning the mapping tecnique with the software VTP using white boxes to project on. Testing out mapping tecnique in the video below.

With this software the mapping was possible, but it was really hard to mix the video live. I had never mixed video live before. So i found a weeklong workshop in berlin called "SPATIAL DESIGN & VISUAL PERFORMANCE" wich touched upon both the topic of project mapping and live visuals. After this I was ready for the festival. The video is from the workshop in berlin

Both live visuals and project mapping is something that intrest me and the endless posabilities makes it a wounderfull skill to have.

3D Mapping, Vj, live performace